Bet on Soldier

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The entertainment of the future is war

Money used to be the root of all evil…now it is the root of all survival…

For eighty years war has been raging and has now become the only focus of the human race. Everybody either fights or works somewhere in the war machinery. Fighting isn’t just about staying alive anymore, it is about making money. Federations with open control over governments created Bet On Soldier, a TV show where soldiers fight to entertain the masses and to generate profits.

This is where you come in. As Nolan Daneworth your past is a blur. Brief glimpses of fights and battles seem like remnants of past dreams. The dreams turn to nightmares when you discover your fiancée brutally murdered. The only links to the murder are the Bet on Soldier champions “The Boryenkas Brothers.”

Desperate for revenge and the truth, you enrol in the Bet on Soldier tournament and head for an inevitable clash with these brutal B.O.S champions.

It’s not going to be easy – you can bet your life on it.

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Bet on Soldier


Bet on Soldier Single Player Demo

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